Audio & Electronics

Audio & Electronics

At CryoPlus we have recognized the many positive benefits of the deep cryogenic processing of audio equipment, cable and electronic components. Through our research & experience we have developed a proprietary process for ramp down, soak time and ramp up. Each step is precisely controlled by computerized state of the art equipment. The results have been nothing short of astounding.

Audio & Electronics
Vacuum Tubes$5.00 each (Min. $20.00)
Power Cords$25.00 each
Interconnects$25.00 pair
Speaker Cables$40.00 (4' through 12' lengths)
Digital Cables$25.00 each
AC Receptacles$5.00 each
CD/DVDs$3.00 each

The above is standard pricing and is based on standard sizing and length. The prices are advisory and do not take into account special circumstances or oversize components. We will be happy to give you a written quote with your order so that you know precisely what your order will cost. Prices of other items will be quoted upon request.

Parts with plastic fascias should have the fascia loosened to prevent breakage due to differential contraction between the plastic and the metal chassis.

Please note that deep cryogenic treatment of audio components is still considered an experimental process. We cannot guarantee that all products mentioned are suitable for this process due to differences in quality and type.

Audio components will require a break-in period before optimum sound is achieved and may extend longer than the manufacturer suggests. All items that have previous break-in must have a second break-in period. We will take every precaution possible to assure your satisfaction, but due to the wide variety types and quality of components that exist, we cannot guarantee that all are suitable to be cryogenically processed. We will be happy to work with you and discuss each individual situation to help assess its suitability. All handling is done with the utmost of care.