Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

It is like going from Stereo to Digital. “Much smoother, clearer, sweeter, more centered, easier to play, more clarity, darker and richer, refined, more flexible, truer, and more coherent,” say the professional musicians.

The music industry has recognized that brass instruments become sonically seasoned over time. The years of sonic seasoning enhances clarity, tonal quality along with ease of instrument playability. With cryogenics, a horn can be likened with a sonically seasoned one of 24 years in just 24 hours.

You can be confident that your instrument will receive proper care. We handle all instruments with the utmost care and our process is guaranteed to be 100% safe to your instrument.


“I don't have to ‘fish’ for notes since the freezing. I can pretty much hit them on the first try. When my lip is in shape, I have added a note or two to my three octave range. So freezing is good for old (1970's) horns too!”

Chuck Radune

“I played the restored 8D horn for a month to identify as many acoustical characteristics as possible before turning it over to CRYOPLUS for the cryogenic treatment. Since then I have been playing the ‘FROZEN PAWN SHOP HORN’ as my primary horn around Columbus and Cleveland. There is no doubt in my mind that this horn is the finest 8D that I have ever played. Going down a check list of what we all desire from a musical instrument, this horn has it all; Response, Tone, Intonation, Flexibility, Range, Sensitivity, Volume... Everything. In my ensemble experience, the horn fit in immediately and I was able blend into the sound without hesitation. I look forward to using it soon in a woodwind quintet. The sound is so clear that it actually requires less effort to play and is therefore, less fatiguing to play.”

John Freeman

“I have been playing the french horn for many years; junior high school thru retirement. For most of that time, I have shared a REYNOLDS CONTEMPORA horn with my little sister who used the horn throughout her school years. Recently, I had the horn rebuilt/restored by a fine shop in Cleveland, Ohio and then treated cryogenically by CRYOPLUS in Wooster, Ohio. Having the horn 'frozen' was a very smart move. I noticed immediately that the response was better at low volumes. The sound quality was fuller and rounder. It required less effort to slur notes and play in a rich, legato style. The high notes came much easier and I was able to play with ease up to a high C. Since everything flowed so well, I was able to play a four hour recording session last month without noticeable fatigue. I highly recommend CRYOPLUS in Wooster, Ohio.”

Jackie S.

“Here are my reactions to playing my horn:
1. I find the response to be much better. It blows freer through all of the registers.
2. The tone quality and tone center is more consistent throughout the registers.
3. The upper register feels more open and easier to play. Less resistance.
4. I feel I have a better control in dynamics, especially in the p,pp,ppp range.
5. The valves are smooth and very responsive.
6. I have more endurance than before.
Overall, I am enjoying the Cryogenic horn very much.”

Richard J. Suddendorf
Professor of Trumpet
The Ohio State University
Faculty Brass Quintet
Columbus Brass Quintet
Columbus Symphony Orchestra
Kenley Players Summer Show Orchestra