“On carbide inserts we usually see a 50% increase in life. High speed reamers we see up to 100% increase. Our 5 flute finish reamer before freezing was 350 pcs before we took it out to be sharpened. After freezing we see the same reamers with up to 750 before we change. We will continue to keep freezing our tooling.”

Dennis Hyatt from Paris Machining in Paris, KY

“Plasto-Tech Corporation uses 1/4" router bits on a robot that cuts out plastic parts. We previously used 1 bit per day and now since CryoPlus treated the bits we can get 5 days of worth of cutting with just 1 bit. What a savings you have helped us with. We will have other items treated for longer lasting wear and money savings.”

Don Rose

“I used cryo-treated Sawzall "Axe" blades to demo old plaster over lathe, as well as old maple flooring and beams. The treated blades lasted at least twice as long as the untreated. The untreated blades would often wear down the teeth completely, especially in cutting plaster. The treated blades did not wear nearly as much. A huge difference - Milwaukee treats some of their metal-cutting Sawzall blades, why not the Axe blades?!”

Ed Fine, Manager, FCBM, LLC

“Dear Kathi... I just wanted you to know that I had my Shotgun barrel done by you this past spring. I took it down to southern Ohio last weekend. I was amazed at the accuracy. I shot two shots from my model 870 at 25 yards and both slugs hit the same hole dead center. I am shooting sabot slugs. Before I had the barrel done I was shooting three inch patterns at the same distance. What more could you ask for... I am going to be sending you some more business. This process is nothing short of GREAT.”

Bernie Burkett, N. Canton, OH

“Because of the fundamental importance of Gage Standards in the manufacturing process and the very high accuracy requirements of Gage Blocks, the Cryogenic processing of our steel has shown the best results in maintaining stability of size over many years. We now process all of our gage blocks in this way to ensure our customers receive the very best stability expectancy of these gages.”

Dave Wickes Chief Engineer Webber Gage Div. L.S. Starrett Co

“Much better feel, with no feedback vibration, even on shots not hit perfectly flush... improved distance (as much as one full club) and accuracy on shots that were struck well, plus improved distance even on shots that were not struck well, because the "effective" sweet spot on the face has been expanded by the cryo process... all the above leads to an increase level of confidence before every shot, which also leads to lower scores...”

Rich Ruddle, Special Projects Manager, Lotus Golf, 5000 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH

“I used to change my Zenith Slitter blades every 21-28 days. Now I changes them every 43 days!”

Joe Williamson from Ohio Packaging in Massillon, OH

“Noticeable difference in wear. Less time changing knives. 2 to 3 times longer life. Less grinding to resharpen.”

Larry Hunter at Pike Lumber in Akron, IN

“Trenching teeth for digging trenches for highway underdrain systems lasted 1½ times longer.”

Kenneth Davies at Kokosing Construction in Fredericktown, OH

“D-2 dies were normally line-side polished 17 times in four months... after Cryo treatment, once in three months.”

Jim Rau at TABC Subsidiary of Toyota Motor Sales

“Greatly enhanced performance of calendar knives and Cameron cutter knives from every 1½ months to once a year.”

Dominique Nero at Salem Republic Rubber Co. in Sebring, OH

“It saves labor and time and doesn't change the properties as far as being able to resharpen the tools.”

Nathan Replogle of Replogle Ent. in Henry, TN

“Treated end mills maintain better cutting edge capabilities giving a 5 to 1 ratio over non treated tooling.”

Dan Smarr at Stark Mold in Canton, OH

“We used 3-4 cobalt roughing end mills for a 60 piece run. After cryo we used 1 tool to run all 60 parts.”

Tom Stugmyer at Ace Precision Ind. in Tallmadge, OH

“Treated slitter knives cutting corrugated paper went from lasting 2 weeks to 4-5 weeks.”

Jim Greenwood at Trey Corrugated in Sharonville, OH

“Average life for untreated Stanley #11-911 blades was 4-5 days. Treated blades are lasting 8-14 days.”

Ken Barna at Sentinel Consumer Products in Mentor, OH