Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can leave the trigger assembly attached. Just make sure it is packed solid in the shipping container. They get shuffled around a lot in shipping.
No, as long as they are properly heat treated prior to cryo treatment.
No. Cryogenics is an extension of heat treating. The process must be started before we complete it.
Yes, however there are several grades and brands of carbide and they all react differently to the cryo treatment. Some show no significant increase while others show dramatic increase. We'll be happy to do test samples on carbide.
Yes, it will relieve the stress in most all metals.
No, the cryo treatment will actually decrease brittleness. The part will become tougher and stronger.
Yes, the process will still make the underlying material tougher and stronger. Coatings wear off. Cryogenics doesn't. The process keeps working for the life of the tool rather than ceasing to be effective after the surface is worn or otherwise damaged.
Not generally, however some barrel steel can change color. On the very rare occasion, the barrel will have surface rust, again, depending on the barrel steel.

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